Thursday, 8 July 2010


Ok time for something a little bit different.Now this my friends is the 1938 PHANTOM CORSAIR and its a one off.Ive seen this monster in the flesh and it is massive.When I saw it it rolled down a hill with no one in it and went straight through a band stand ! Only minor damage to the car but totally fucked the bandstand.Mental.It must be like 22-23 feet long,its huge.This is without doudt my ALL TIME favorite car.Pure class.Talk about steamliner.It was built for the nipper of the HEINZ family,he was 22 (lucky fucker),he wanted to put it into production but just before he took delivery he died in a car crash (not so lucky fucker).He never got to drive it.Anyway I dig it and thought you might too.

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  1. dig it i do, bro...definitely out the ordinary. got a real salt-flat streamliner look on the profile- otherwise quite a euro/US crossover thing going on. wasn't much like this around in 1938, was there?