Thursday, 15 July 2010

speak louder than words

Pictures that is...this one's for dazzer, seeing as we were discussing future plans for my sporty. future CHEAP plans, that is- or at least, do-able with some ebay horse trading. note here the stock frame(with superfluous rubbish ground off), shortened and narrowed stock tank mounted high on the frame, short brit rear fender,bates style light and seat, tidied-up window bars on low risers, and a skinny one-off(biltwell kit?)exhaust. The finish and attention to detail really complete the look. ok it's not a 'chopper' per se, but it's a full-on hot rod in my book. Thoughts? Better tell Graham 'the mystery canoeist' to fire up his MIG.

If you hadn't noticed, the pictured bike is yet another from japanese master builders 'crazy orange'. Personally I don't care about 'jap style', 'west coast style' 'east coast' 'brat style' or whatever, it ain't a fashion thing.

CLUB NEWS- Darren has just finished a bunch of plaques ready for the hayride. they are fuckin' SWEET. I've got one to polish up just so the big guy desn't steal all the glory (only joking bruv).

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