Saturday, 31 July 2010

british stuff

I like 'British stuff'- as in the product of British 'kustom kulture', like rodded Ford pops and choppers with jap motors- and I bleedin' LOVE mk2 fords, consuls, zephyrs 'n' zodiacs. Great lines, kinda remind you of a time when mass-produced didn't mean bereft of all personality and style. I will own one. Here's a very 1980s one for ya, maybe pushes the good taste boundaries but you can't knock the work that's gone into it, and it is a job well done. For my taste, 5 spokes, bent 8, good stance and a tidy squirt job are all ya need to turn one of these classics into a cracking UK kustom.

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    I would just like to point out that Sebs Thoughts, comments and diluded babblings are those made by someone of not sound mind.These thoughts are not shared by myself. His rapid decline into retardedness has shocked us all here at LOS BASTARDOS.We all wish him well with his illness and wish him the best in the future where ever he is just as long as he doesnt do it with us.
    Happy birthday Seb (Bournemouths answer to JOEY DEACON)