Saturday, 17 July 2010

no, this one

yeh this is more the look- those cutdown sporty tanks are actually a bit goofy. mustang tank could be getting the nod, and i'm being strangely drawn to mini-apes. struts are cheap, nasty, and easy to swap back to shocks if i want.
roll on building time- but i'll be keeping it real simple cos college has a shitstorm brewing for me!

on another note- anyone found a good supplier of pinstripe gear? pinstriping uk are kinda pricey, and various US-based suppliers haven't been forthcoming with contact. any ideas gratefully received.

also, no pix yet, but i did a final polish on one of Darren's cast club plaques the other day. it came out a treat, the big guy's really done us proud. watch out for these beauties (that's the cars and plates, not the geezers) at the hayride in a week or so.


  1. Well come on then ! Lets get out there and strip it down. I agree with the mini apes

  2. Southbourne is full of shaved apes!!

  3. Oi Trawler you got your Hayride ticket yet ? theres loads of us going ,should be a right laugh.Get it sorted.