Saturday, 20 February 2010


Our token Tin man/Painter


Surfer/talented metal bender and layer of paint/Big Ern is one of the original members of the Whirlybirds '60s tv show and too this day is still a helicopter paramedic.If you wreak your ride he can patch you up and sort out any scuffed paint ! What a star.

Big Ern is one of those blokes who will go out of his way to help you out.He genuinely gets off on shit getting done.....hes a doer and thats the back bone to many a group of losers just like our much loved BASTARDOS.

Erns own project at the moment when hes not helping Guy is a '59 this is being done to a very high spec and hopefully we'll hook you up with some photos soon.
Wow look at him go with that hammer...tap tap.....getting things done. AMAZING !
BIG ERN all round good guy.Quick put him in the LOS BASTARDOS hall of fame.Legend #2

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  1. i get stuff done with the hammer too. mostly wrong.