Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hall of fame- Dazzer

LADEEZ AND GENNELMEN....i present to you the original motorpsycho, gearhead deluxe, hot rod fiend, ex- UK skatepunk trailblazer, Darren.

there wouldn't be los bastardos without daz. he is the glue that binds the brotherhood. preach on, brother D.

daz nearly wiped out on a GSXR and was narrowly saved by his brain bucket. to this day he refuses to wear any lid but a biltwell, which won't save yer bonce from walking into a cobweb. that, folks, is the level of purity he demands from every bastardos club member.

he ain't just a handsome devil, neither. he's a dab hand on the tools, and can turn his hand to wood, metal, paint, you name it. santa claus got 'im a airbrush, so get ready for some flake mayhem from the man.

i also gotta say he pretty much built my sporty, and stopped my pathetic attempts to run fenders, indicators etc, with his characteristic call of 'shut it, gay boy'.

sadly however, there are downsides to living in the same street. his barbeques pen and ink, god only knows what flesh he burns on that fucker. i also had to see him when he set off for the hayride a coupla years ago, he'd obviously spent a while doing his barnet, he looked like the king kurt tourbus crashed into the silvikrin factory.

oh yeh, he's got a slightly-worrying obsession with collecting SS memorabilia. I'm sure it's a genuine interest in historical matters, of course.

bikes? cars? try a 49 mercury, bonneville with bolt-on hardtail, over the last year or so he's run a 45 HD, ford shoebox (flathead powered, natch), finned-out buick...

whatever, like i said, dazzer is the man, proper bastardos mofo to his very bones.


  1. He,s like liberacy on Crack!!!!!

  2. Yea thats just fucking great ! Im getting it from all sides now.Hey Tarzan that was good bumping into you the other days.We must be well over due a ride out.Why dont you and Evil get together with BASTARDOS for a couple of drinks.Youre always welcome......not so much Evil hes a fucking liability.You hear that Evil you slag ?

  3. Here filler mush , wheres my invite I need to meet all the brothers - its been a long time brah.......