Saturday, 27 February 2010

One for Big Ern #3

Here's a real blast from the past, and one of my favourite cars from the early 80s UK drag racing period. Glacier Grenade I always remember cos it was fast as fuck, and ran classic brit power in the shape of a blown 2.5 litre Daimler hemi V8. I always liked this one as it seemed like a bit of a British twist on the American standard of big inch motors. Also, I seem to remember in 'Custom Car' and 'Street Machine' (remember that one?!) it was quite common to see the Daimler lump powering a Pop or similar piece of Brit tin. Once again, thanks to the UK Drag Racing Hall of Fame for the (unsolicited) use of this pic, check them out for more accurate info on racers from this great time.

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