Monday, 8 February 2010


This man rules. Even filler has respect for this guy. I know I do. Did I say say he rules? Go your own way, my brother. Just one headlite ain't enuff for this outlaw mofo, ya gotta have 3 and just check those double smokestack lightenings. Smokin' HOT! Gotta love the mile-high club sissy bar, taildragger fenders (man i love that look) and ace yellow-on-purple flameout. sick paint rules. Be strong, be wrong, and fuck them and their law! I wish he was in los bastardos.


  1. So do you.Ive heard its like a little pink acorn.

  2. But going back to the LEGEND we have before us.This man IS a god.I think we should all take a leaf out of his book.
    I mean how far can you ride before your arms drop off ? Well he sure is going to find out.He doesnt just sit there wondering he goes out and does it. "look my fucking arms have dropped off ! "..."how far did you get man ?"....."I got as far as Tescos"...."You dig ? "...." Yes mate I fucking do.respect ".But how does he get over this little mishap ? CRUCI(fucking)FIXION .They nail the shit out of him just so he can keep rolling.THIS is why he is a god and frankly I dont see why his penis has anything to do with it.

  3. fuck i thought 16" apes was a big deal!!!!,legend fo sho!