Friday, 19 February 2010

How high's the bar?

By which I mean, just how good does a show bike have to be? I guess that's always been the issue. In my humble opinion, this effort from the most excellent 'one low' of Japan gives a pretty good idea. Not one ounce of flab on this baby,just how a chopper should be. Check out the finish and attention to detail, build quality is off the scale. Jap stuff just rules. However, looking at that back rim, does anyone else think that 'skinny' might just be getting a bit too much these days? Kinda like fat-tyred bikes did, a few years back? Fads come and go, class remains. But you gotta love 'one low', and I'll be bringing you more of their stuff right here.


  1. Is this any relation to the testicurly challenged Chinaman Wan Hung Lo?

  2. long wang hung low? better than one DOWN, amigo!