Saturday, 20 February 2010


Ok Ok every now and then I'll try and put some faces to the LOS BASTARDOS special needs cases .

I must warn you that you really dont want to actually know any of these reprobates and if you see any of them then cross the road.Its too late for me but you still have a chance of having a normal life.I remember a time before I met any of them...........lets call this time "The good old days".

But really my life is alot more colourful place with these characters in it.They are a top lot of lads...........only joking I cant stand any of them.

Right lets get the worst one over and done with.

GUY : aka THE MESSIAH, our token mentalist

Surf legend/old school junkie/owner of House of Bonzer surf boards/lover of man !

This bloke has the biggest personality of any of the BASTARDOS.He can open doors and have them slammed in your face at the same time its simply amazing.Infact simply/simple covers him pretty well i'd say.

His current project is a 1927 unchopped Model T Doctors coupe.He's come along with this beauty with the help of Big Ern .We'll do a more detailed bit on this build later.

He reckons he'll have it on the road for this years Hayride.But then again he reckons a lot of stuff.

Out of all the LOS BASTARDOS builds this is the one which I have been looking forward too the most.

From an old tub sat in his garden to an old tub sat in Ern garage it doesnt get much better than this.Theres been ALOT of sweat gone into this and the lads have done us proud.Not chopping it is the stroke of pure genius......someone else must have thought of that for him.

On a serious note Guy is a much loved member of LOS BASTARDOS and it wouldnt be the same without him.

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  1. my 5 year old daughter just saw this and said, 'is that man a farmer?' she rocks