Tuesday, 2 February 2010

no more, honest

i fucking LOVE avon (teflon) ditchmasters, don't you? They should abandon all that R&D nonsense, stop making radial tyres and give us what we want. Skinny rubber that makes a motorcycle handle like a tesco trolley but looks like sex on legs. ok, they ain't that bad. I had a 20 yr old pair on the old honda, and commuting on that deathtrap was an experience, I can tell you. I lived West and worked the East End, and that meant a lot of deathwish London drivers trying to do me GBH with intent. In the wet, it was kind of like being on a hovercraft, in that you felt completely disengaged from the surface below you. All good fun, and my experience with the one in the pic on my current sporty is a whole lot better. Maybe cos there's a radial on the back, tho' we got a crossply waiting to go on that fucker. More tidying up on that front end too, need to shave those fork lowers...keep da faith.

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