Thursday, 4 February 2010

The best bikes, denim and tattoos $$$ can buy?

No freakin' question! Dice magazine just rules. And their bomb design looks kool as fuck, so I reckon it needs to be identified with the global corporate 'los bastardos' brand, product placement an' all, you see. Filler's got this sticker on his van. What a twonk, he should of course have given it to me to fly loud and proud on me brain bucket.


  1. Ah yea right TWONK ! yea great.I think we both know youre gonna pay for that one.
    hey and while we're at it Trawler you can shut it before you put your pennys worth in.
    Couple a goons.

  2. So your saying he wasted a perfectly good Dice sticker on an old Van.
    tut tut!

    Batts weekend announced. 26-27 June

  3. HEY ! I told you to shut it.