Saturday, 20 February 2010

3# Gorgeous Gary

aka Double G

Our token pretty boy

Surfer/rider/lover/Man in pants

Well well what can I say Double G is a man amongst men.When he fell out the pretty tree as a kid and he hit the first branch straight in the face WHAM.

Would you Adam and Eve this man is a bloody model ? If you go into a top ARMANI outlet you will be confronted by Double G in only his cacks !!!! Most of the time they call the rossers on him.I think he's getting some kind of ASBO to stop him doing it.I mean I like the fella I do but I dont know what makes him do it.Frankly its embarrassing, there are kids and old people about.Oh and will you please stop waving at me !

But on a serious note.............thats pretty much the gospal truth.

Old Double G is a proper big time member of LOS BASTARDOS a all guns blazing supporter.He has his fingers in many pies,Triumphs and old school veebubs.

His Trumpet is soon to be a finished project .So here comes much smoking of tyres and grinning of teeth.Photos later .

Check him out hes got his hammer what more does he want ? Well he might want to give it back to BIG ERN otherwise you might hurt yourself.

Like I said Double G is a man amongst men.You cut him open and he bleeds BASTARDOS.

I just wish he'd keep his bloody clothes on !
To you Double G much love.
P.S All you girls hes happy married (Hello Kyla) so your luck is out.Eddie the fish on the other hand is single so its like I said before "Your luck is out".


  1. he looks a whole lot better in his 'los bastardos' tee than he does in those dirty scuds,that's for sure.