Saturday, 6 March 2010


Surfer/sex offender/retard

Well I dont even know where to start with this fucker ! I guess every club has their special needs case and EDD THE FISH is ours.Ive known this man for so long ive forgotten that cursed day I met him.The story goes that he was found in a wheelie bin the regects of some unneccessery goverment experiment that went horribly wrong.To this day he still smells of that bin.Odour Ed.

Now it wouldnt be fair to say that this man is trouble.....but lets face it that exactly what he is TROUBLE(in big fuck off flashing neon lights).Theres nothing he likes more than a bit of the old rough and tumble.Hes the only bloke I know who can fight 2 blokes at once and still hold a conversation.A couple of years ago some fucker hit Edd round the back off the head with an iron bar and he spent sometime in hospital having some metal fab work done.Soon after getting out he went on a date with some bit of fluff.Where you might ask .... Nice meal ? Clubbing ? Back to his place for (Fucking hell thats a mental image I dont want in my head).Wheres the best place to take out a lovely young lady ? Why a gypsy bare knuckle fight of course.What a gent.When they asked the crowd if anyone fancied a go.Old Ed obviously wanting to impress the lady said "Oi over here".First bout went in Edd's favour and he was feeling pretty chuffed with himself.Edds foreplay seemed to be working.So they sent in the second fella.He said he didnt even know what day of the week it was.But to be honest he probably didnt know before hand.Classic

As for projects Edd's had some real bad luck recently some c**ts broke into his lock up and basically stole his life.What they left he's had to sell to get himself set back up for work.These people really dont know how much damage they have done and I wouldnt like to be in your shoes if he ever finds out who you are.This was going to be a top year for Edd but hes back to the drawing board.Never mind Edd we'll get you back in the saddle some how.I would say "youre always welcome in my car" but ive got an image to think about.

Ok heres the gay bit.

EDD THE FISH i dont think that there is a member of LOS BASTARDOS who doesnt consider you one of their best friends.I know I do.We always have a laugh when youre about.....mostly at you expence because youre such a twat and that.But we do piss our pants when youre here.Edd youre always there for your mates.So we all had a chat and we think that you would be happier in another club !


P.S I dont know anyone with more experiance of crabs than our mate EDD.

EDD youre a star. X

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