Tuesday, 30 March 2010


ok, now we all recovered from the fact that no-one died in the los bastardos foundry incident, i can get us back to business as usual. kutty noteboom (bet there was no-one called that in your class at skool!)is a member of the world-famous sinners car and bike club, and these are a couple of his machines. kutty's dad was a noted builder back in the day, and he's been a skater for years, but he can turn spanners with the best of 'em, that's for sure.

he's got a blog, and a website, hippykiller.com, both of which are well worth a butcher's hook.

'the creeper' is a personal favourite of mine. the fucka just oozes quality, and generally has more klass than any evo sporty rightly deserves to. the stance is just so, and get that finish, just amazing. 'sinner's prayer' is the other, based on a shovel motor in a rigid frame. i believe it's kutty's personal ride, and is 'not for sale' according to his site.

you've probably seen these before, but if not, enjoy. more inspiration for the club project sporty (mine that it). anyone got a oil tank?

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