Thursday, 25 March 2010

sportster thursday

yet another ghetto-style hero from bastardos. lovin' the simple stuff as ever. struts, whitewall crossply goodness, nice paint, bars, cutdown fenders with sparto, and yer done. that chopped up cam cover look may well be appearing on my pride and joy, sometime soon. has he 'frisco'd' that tank? it sure sits well, whateva. nuffink wrong with a green bike, tho' i am superstitious about these things. thanks to 'greenlight' from chopcult for the pic.

filler's trying to get me to hardatil my sporty. in time, bro, it will be done, i'm gonna start collecting bits and bobs fairly soon, then it'll be done in a flash of spanners, primer and 'the hammer'. right now, i got enough to do just trying to keep life n soul (and the blog) up together.

1 comment:

  1. Come on man lets go out there now and whack it with the hammer.It'll be fun.