Friday, 19 March 2010

Our 'cheapskate' friends across the pond

Check out this kool shot of eli from Cheapskate cycles. His blog's on our follow list on the right. It's well worth a look- regular guys fixing kool choppas on a tight budget. This shot was taken from a Cycle Source magazine shoot (I think, we don't get that title in the UK), and I for one am diggin' that unbraked skinny front hoop, gold 'flake, and quad cam sportster goodness. From the look of the flames, i'm half expecting to see filler bursting out with a bodged 'los bastardos' club plaque and a 3rd degree burn or 10.

On a different note...things may be quiet on the blogging front for a while. Dazzer's just had a kid, and i have imminent exams, so we gonna be lying low for a while. But, as ever, any submissions and emails are always welcome, please contribute anything you might like to see on the blog,, or just drop a line to say hello. i will be checking in periodically and trying to keep a bit of activity going.

A big 'hello' too and thanks to anyone who's taken the trouble to subscribe, and read our lunatic ramblings.

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