Monday, 15 March 2010


Check this little beauty out.It went on U.S Ebay the other night with get this a buy it now price of 8 U.K large ! Thats right 8 fucking grand .It amazes me that these little gems still come up every now and then.Although this is becoming rarer as prices are rocketing over there.

But this little baby came up late at night and was gone in the morning.Who ever made it did a cracking job,the frame was stretched and fully detailed the cab was rat and funky as hell and a mental Caddy powerhouse and the back was on airbags.Man if I had the money I would have bitten his arm off.So some lucky fucker get themselfs a treat.

There only one thing bad about buying someone elses rod and thats that you never had the satisfaction of the build yourself.Shit I have some creative juices gurgling in my pants that I need to let out.As soon as some money turns up then Im letting rip.

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