Friday, 26 March 2010

and another for big ern...

for anyone who used to visit the pod back in the 80s, let's face it, a run by 'slammin sammy miller' had to be the high point. this guy ruled. i think he only raced in the UK because the NHRA and IHRA in the states outlawed rocket dragsters- it's kind of good to think he found a home here.
he was a nice guy too- i remember getting his autograph one time, and he had a chat with my dad. proper gentleman (both of them!)
as to that car, 'vanishing point' would usually run the 1/4 in a shade over 4 secs...fastest i ever saw was about 3.8 as i recall. it's a very over-used term, but that friends, really was 'awesome'.

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