Sunday, 28 March 2010

i got the full SP on the CCD

fine tubework, huh? this here is the work of CCD, aka custom cycle developments, based up in the wilds of Norfolk where families are close and cousins are many. it's a stock sportster front loop with their own weld-on hardtail section. £300 is the price they quote, which is roughly what i reckon i could ebay the bits i don't need off the sportster. can you see where we're going with this one?

i've been looking at few options, with cost as ever being primary factor. top of the pile is a flyrite frame- but outta my range right now. other choices are weld on sections by the likes of ledsled customs, or kansas city, all of which are affordable and by all accounts well-made bits of kit. they are however, on the wrong side of a large sea. which ain't really a problem, but all things considered, getting me or my frame to CCD is a whole lot easier.

so, in the meantime, i'll be quietly hoarding bits n bobs. oil tank, ribbed fender, model A/59 cad tail lite are on the list, everything else should be home made (seat, brackets, etc). that west-coast ride will be mine, oh yes. fire up the 'flake gun, brother ern. ok, maybe not for a year or so!

edit- i just seen the welding one of our other neighbours (another filler contact, there is NO-ONE this fucka doesn't talk to) does..he is bloody good...plans could be changing...

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