Sunday, 21 March 2010

them straws...

last ones that is-and clutchin' at them...hardly, cos here's a further slice of tudor goodness from the filler files (ie whatever he's tea-leafed off the net somewhere). it's another beauty, what else do you wanna know? you gotta love how the back tyre sits almost up by the screen level (swage line is the technical term, correct me if wrong, mr big ern), what a view as yer rollin' down the road, unfendered crossply spinning right in yer field of vision. 3 two's always work, too, and that patina just rocks. quit dreaming filler, ebay more conservatories and then we take the littledown!

dazzer wanted me to use this for the title shot, sorry but that ridiculous-but-kool gasser thing is going no-where! anyone got a scooby doo what the fucka is? it's got something of 55-56 buick about it, albeit gone horribly wrong...anyone in the know, do tell.

back to the 'swage line'-kinda reminds me how London car drivers would freak when i pulled alongside 'em on the hardtail, last thing they expect is a biker sitting at their level, eye to eye. especially with a soggy rollie attached to me gob and bad teeth- hell yeah! that's how we bastardos roll.

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  1. Its a '54 Chevy and it does make a cracking title pic.For which i take full credit.Hooray for me