Friday, 26 March 2010

that snake trawler... also an afficianado of the most excellent 'crazy orange mc' of japan. i know cos he's half-inched some pix off their site too. here's a taste of what our whale-munching friends are up to. i sure wish my sporty looked like this one. hard to believe that's a stock framed motorcycle, innit? and a humble evo at that, too. this one gets added props thanks to a chain drive set up, mind-blowin' 2:2 zorst, trademark diamond-stitch single saddle, loony rear fender (if it can indeed be called one), skinny front (looks like a holy 21'' er to me), and nutty narrowed apes. that bare metal finish looks so righteous it'd be a shame to lay some paint on it. yeah, even i'd dig on some raw fish for that.

fear not bastardos amigos, i got plenty more where this came from. enjoy.


  1. he he, whale Munchers! I might use that if I get a write up on my new bike anywhere. I wont credit you for it tho Seb!

  2. I'm a big fan of the crazy japs too