Monday, 29 March 2010


About bloody time we're finally making progress with this fucking plaque lark ! I tried to do the first one in brass (bit ambitious for a first timer but a new believer Rowan told me how to patina it and im a sucker for patina)but after bloody HOURS I couldnt get it up to the right heat.It was glowing like my mud tunnel after a curry but I just couldnt get it to melt.Some bits would but others no.So we went back to the old trusty ali.So after more booze and fire I was up to my ball bags in molten metal.Excellent. I never knew that molten metal could be such a laugh.Ive been down with the old setting shit on fire game since I was a nipper.But this has loads of new possiblitys.

Anyway after what seems like a life time setting up the mould we finally got round to pouring Judas's silver into the first LOS BASTARDOS plaque.Man that stuff takes like forever to cool down.So we've just cracked open the mould and here is what come out.

We're well pleased with it for a proper first attempt.The pic is in its raw state still covered in sand.The back ground is still to be painted.

Now whats the chances it drops off the back of the car as im driving along !

WHEELS DAY FRIDAY GET YOUR SHIT SORTED.We'll be in the Mercury so come say hello.

First rounds on Trawler.


  1. nice write up, dazzer. that 2nd shot of you is killa, tho i say so myself!

    lookin' foreward to some 'variations on a theme' with the plaques. good work bro, consider your 'alchemy wings' well earned!

  2. Gonna have to get up before sparrow fart to beat Good Friday traffic to get to Aldershot.
    I'll be there, hope its a good one.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout on trawlz Blog.Evildan likee forging , come down to plymouth some time if you need a drophammer or wanna make a japanese blade or just forge sum shiz.
    Thx guys. keep up the good work, u just gave me a new phsyce 4 it :)