Sunday, 7 March 2010

Highway Chile

move over' let jimi take over...(that's the lyric from 'crosstown traffic' before you think i'm getting gay on yer).

How about this for a dose of flower power? james marshall hendricks on a real deal panhead choppa.

legend has it there used to be an ambulanceman in north west london known as 'starkiller'. not only was he the twat who let jimi lie flat on his back (and thus try breathing his own solid shout, which didn't work out too good), he also did for the geezer off 'alf wiedersein pet' who od'd 20 or so years later.


  1. I never knew you used to work in North west London.

  2. "Paging Doctor Seb, Paging Doctor Seb"
    say this with finger and thumb over nostrils!